The Alchemist

April 26, 2019

The Alchemist followed a story based on the journey in Paulo Coehlo's world-changing book, and a yoga experience based on sound alchemy and botanical healing!

The experience took guests on a journey through the mystical plains of Andalusia all the way to the pyramids in Egypt. We learnt how to fully harness our intuition, the most crucial strength of good leaders and those who seek their heart's truest desires. With epic teaching and storytelling by Hannah Mae, and mystical, spine-tingling sounds by Ailsa Tully, this experience was truly transformational.


We set some real-life alchemy to work with botanical oil treatments during the meditation. Science has proven that the sound frequency can change the molecular structure of our skin - aiding absorption! We finished the experience off with CBD teas, socialising and treats from a number of our partners. 




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