After many years of class-testing in New York City & London, our concept for immersive, live music fitness was born.


Sweat & Sound experiences are a tantalising delight to your senses and curiosity.


Expect to be whisked into an immersive hideaway and met with the magic of epic live music and an adrenaline-boosting workout; a workout for creative free spirits who like to go wild, sweat, laugh & wonder.


Described to produce the feeling of 'having escaped the world' in just a couple of hours, we are reimagining fitness by igniting your imagination.


Expect euphoric live music, multi-sensory installations & treats from our amazing nutrition partners. 


Experience type (ie. Yoga, Spin etc), date and rough location will be on the invite.


The exact location is revealed to guests a couple of days before.





Secret, immersive fitness events for music lovers, creative spirits and curious cats.


London - NYC


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