Are you looking for an exceptionally unique way to treat your employees, customers or press?

Incredible experiences are what make us feel truly alive. The story being told  within an experience captures our imagination, makes us feel connected to the people we're with and, most importantly, helps us feel that spark of magic we're all in search of. 

At Sweat & Sound, we have over 10 years of expertise creating experiences from start to finish. From the curation of an incredible concept (a concept & story that ties your own brand values in with wellness/fitness) to the organisation of the experience from start to finish.

Research has proven the benefit multi-sensory experiences can have on mental health, meaning events like ours are perfect for employee wellness. Our press launches have left our partner brands with glowing feedback from journalists & our branded customer events have shown a sharp increase in customer's recommending the brand to friends.

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"From ideation to event day, Sweat & Sound were a pleasure to work with. They have heaps of experience and creativity and really helped us build the perfect event to narrate our brand story. No stone was left unturned, which meant the prep and actual event were stress free and a lot of fun! A massive thank you Team S&S."

Emily Taylor

Content Manager, EMEA


"It was great working with Sweat & Sound to plan our immersive yoga event #ElectricMotion. They came up with a unique but commercial concept that addressed our needs from the original brief and discussions. Their knowledge about London venues/spaces is second to none - I have no idea how they find these incredible spaces! Combined with their flare to think outside the box - their service would be invaluable to any company looking to diverse into fitness events. 

Lorna Elliot

Marketing Manager

Every Second Counts

"We had it on our agenda for months to create an employee wellness programme that not only helps our staff feel happier in the office, but also out of work and in their lives. Asking for Sweat and Sound's help was an excellent decision. The monthly events are flawless, and for the days after, our office feels happier and more peaceful. I'm truly impressed!"

HR Director

(Private Client, Investment Bank)



Secret, immersive fitness events for music lovers, creative spirits and curious cats.


London - NYC


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