September 17th, 7 - 9 pm

We invite you to join us in a secret, old abandoned church, with a yoga experience that will take you deep into what makes Autumn a truly magic time of year.

We'll be using this experience to truly reap the benefits of the season. This event sits 3 days after the harvest full moon, a perfect environment for healthy and fast growth. Do you have an idea or a project you're working on? This could be a great opportunity to harness this energy fully.

What to expect?

  • 60-minute yoga 

  • 15-minute intention setting meditation 

  • Live music by a surprise and well-known artist

  • Teas and treats to finish

  • Complete escape from reality

  • Awesome community 



Secret abandoned church in Peckham

Exact location revealed to guests 2 days before the event

We cannot wait to see you!


 The Autumn Gathering 

Kirsty Gallagher 


Described as down to earth, warm-hearted, compassionate and inspiring to be around, Kirsty is known for bringing ancient mystical practices and wisdom to real modern day people and life. With an infectious passion for life, the practice of yoga, meditation and mindfulness, the magic of the moon and women’s wellness one of her greatest passions is to impart this wisdom in a real, relatable way that anyone and everyone can take something from. Kirsty brings her heart, soul and depth of her knowledge to all of her teaching and speaking.


Ash Radford

Ash grew up between Jersey (UK) & England, but his sound and character are more evidently sculpted by his travels, having lived in New Zealand, Australia and South Africa. Ash blends his robust, soulful voice and presence with a raw percussive guitar style, carrying listeners across astral visions and ocean adventures.

His passion for sustainability and safeguarding the planet has led to him committing to plant trees for every gig played and every flight taken, as well as for every new follower on his Instagram page during release week. He has also gifted the usage of his music free of charge to environmental charities.


Your instructor & musician 



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