You're invited to an experience like never before. The Alchemist will follow a story based on the journey in Paulo Coehlo's world-changing book, and a yoga experience based on sound alchemy and botanical healing!

This experience will take you on a journey through the mystical plains of Andalusia all the way to the pyramids in Egypt. We'll be learning how to fully harness our intuition, the most crucial strength of good leaders and those who seek their heart's truest desires.

What to expect:

Mystical & mind-altering live performance by Ailsa Tully

60 minute yoga by sensational instructor & storyteller Hannah Mae

20 minute sound alchemy meditation

Unisex botanical skin treatment during meditation 

Stunning secret space in Central London

CBD teas and goodies for after

As always, we truly cannot wait to see you!


The Alchemist

Meet the Team

Hannah Mae

Hannah is the true embodiment of cultivating kindness, curiosity and playfulness - while maintaining a beautifully mindful approach to teaching. Hannah has over 14 years' experience teaching physical movement - and is excited by the possibilities of movement when we learn to break the rules & let go of preconceived ideas.Her teachings evolve around sensation & experience-lead practises. With Hannah, each class feels like a magical journey, and a breath of fresh air.She is an ex-dancer, has over 650hrs of yoga teacher training & brims with an absolute love for movement, and for sharing that with students.

Ailsa Tully

Intricate melodies that weave over brooding bass lines, Ailsa Tully is creating an ethereal
world that is rooted in folk with darker undertones. Inspired by choral music, folk and indie her sound is haunting, tender and powerful. Her lyrics are both honest and poetic, often exploring feminism and her experiences of being female in her writing.
Ailsa has an all-female band which bring her song writing to life, from modal harmonies and driving rhythms to tender emotive melody lines. Ailsa has been featured on BBC radio Wales many times, toured Italy, performed at festivals and venues throughout the country, including
Greenman and Ronnie Scotts.


‘I can’t tell you how excited I got when I heard this… inexplicable transcendental excellence’ 
– Adam Walton (BBC Introducing Wales)



The understanding of the relationship between consciousness and matter. Alchemy is an ancestral science and art of perfecting the process of positive transformation, particularly to the realms of consciousness and the arts.



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London - NYC


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