Welcome to the world's first rap & spoken word mediation experience. 

This meditation experience is driven by the lyrical talent of London's best poets, rappers and spoken word artists.

Prepare to immerse yourself into the now - into lyrics and words that will lift you, while making you think, pause and wonder.

This is for everyone who enjoys creativity & is intrigued by meditation - while also discovering London's best urban music and poetry. We encourage you to join with an open mind & leave with an open heart. The vision is to create a movement which can reduce the UK's young suicide rate by cultivating positive role models, expression and mindfulness practice for young people through urban music. 

You can expect to discover 3-5 of London's best poets and urban music artists, incorporating movement in between each set. The experience will be followed by snacks, drinks & socialising.


All funds go directly toward commissioning our artists for creating app content.

We truly cannot wait to see you!





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London - NYC


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