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Ariana has a very strong background in sports and event organisation. In 2009, Ariana set up her first business, Fusion Events, which hosted music gigs in Bristol and a weekly club night for students. This business saw a strong weekly turnover and she carried this business on for two years until being elected into her role as Sports President.


During her year as full-time Sports President at University, she ran multiple large Varsity sports events, a large student ball, and weekly club nights for sports teams. During this year (2012) she made a good relationship with the Olympic Committee Southwest, who she included in her planning of ‘My Culture’. ‘My Culture’ was an art installation at the UWE campus in Bristol, where Ariana conducted street artists to create huge-scale murals of sports on the university walls. This concept’s aim was to help people see sports through a creative mindset, i.e. ‘sports are not just for sporty types’. This project was awarded an ‘Inspire Mark’ by the Olympic Committee & resulted in a sharp increase in sports participation. See the murals here .


Ariana spent 3.5 years (2009-2013) on the Nike Women’s Select team, a team of 20 women chosen to represent Nike in the UK, running fitness led events, such as flash mobs, a weekly Nike Run Club and weekly Nike fitness classes. She was also chosen as the Events Manager & Ambassador for Relentless Energy (Coca-Cola) running extreme sports events in surf towns and ski resorts throughout her final year at university, 2013.


After university, Ariana’s love of creating events continued, and she went on to work in Events Marketing for around three years. Until August 2016, she worked as a Marketing Events Specialist for Citi Private Bank’s North America Marketing department in New York City, hosting & managing events for the bank’s Ultra High Net Worth bankers and their clients.


She also spent 5 months voluntarily working for Sofar Sounds in NYC, managing secret music gigs & liaising with artists, venues and guests. This role allowed her to utlise her skills in events creation on a grassroots level, and plant the seeds for what would soon become Sweat & Sound. When returning to the UK, Ariana was offered a job as Head of UK Marketing for an emerging Dutch-based tech startup, before leaving six months later to pursue Sweat & Sound full time.



Secret, immersive fitness events for music lovers, creative spirits and curious cats.


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