Sweat & Sound was born through a pure LOVE of fitness and music. Founder Ariana, a dancer for many years, built Sweat & Sound organically over months of class testing in New York City & London.


Sweat & Sound events are like nothing you've ever experienced. Expect to be whisked away into an immersive hideaway and met with the magic of amazing live music and an adrenaline-boosting workout. A workout for people who like to go wild, sweat, laugh & wonder.


We are transforming the fitness industry through immersive themes; taking users beyond the body and mind alone & constructing experiences that tap into an emotional level. A happy frequency!


Expect euphoric live music, sensory installations & treats from our amazing nutrition partners. Class type, date and rough location will be on the invite. The exact location is kept secret until a couple of days before.




Ariana, a lover of adventures and live music, began playing with the Sweat & Sound concept whilst living in NYC. She's obsessed with fitness and how powerful music enhances it, inspiration also stemming from companies she admires such as Sofar Sounds and Secret Cinema Club. She tries out as many new fitness classes as possible and always looking out for new inspiration.


Being a curious creature, Ariana loves discovering hidden gems within cities, interesting musicians and passionate instructors. Ariana has danced for over 22 years, is a trained digital marketing expert and writes in her spare time. 


Martina, a lover of great food and greater music, has a background in fashion design. As a strength and nutrition enthusiast, she has tried out nearly every class London has to offer & is passionate about the little details that make a class great.


Being a cool cat, Martina appreciates great music and spent a while feeling there was something missing in London's fitness scene. She has also danced for most of her life, is a trained wealth management expert and goes to the gym in her spare time.  



Secret, immersive fitness events for music lovers, creative spirits and curious cats.


London - NYC


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